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The Annual Phoenix Club Fight Night Event was started in 2016 and has already been a huge success. We bring together individuals from around the city to sacrifice their bodies for the betterment of Memphis and the empowerment of the children of the Boys and Girls Clubs. This evening of boxing is full of fun and entertainment. Come watch your friends and neighbors duke it out in a professional boxing ring with real referees, real ring girls, and real judges.

Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres will be served all night as you sit ringside and enjoy a true Vegas-like experience.



The Harbortown 3miler is now part of the M-Town Road Race Series! 



Join us as we celebrate and honor the lives of those who fired up the Phoenix, whose light still shines for thousands of boys and girls.


Inspiring young People to realize their full potential as productive, caring citizens

Resting along the shores of Sardis Lake, Camp Phoenix offers 800 inner-city kids each summer the chance to learn new skills, make new friends, and gain new perspectives away from the pressures of their dangerous neighborhoods.

3 on 3

The 3 on 3 event is a basketball tournament hosted each year by the members of the Phoenix Club. This event brings together students from the various Boys and Girls Clubs around Memphis to compete against one another (and against our own very under-performing teams) for that year’s bragging rights. The Phoenix club members serve as referees and hosts as we provide food and refreshments for players and spectators. Come check out some of these players and you’ll quickly understand how Memphis came to be such a basketball city and why we love our Grit & Grind.

The Phoenix Club’s generosity reaches the very heart of the entire Memphis community, wherever there is a need.
— Bob Mednikow, Founding Member of the Phoenix Club