2015 Camp Phoenix

2015 Camp Phoenix

This year’s Camp Phoenix work day (Friday, April 10) was a huge success. The Phoenix Club understood that, along with some very generous donations of money and materials, there was a lot of hard work to be done in order to ensure that the camp would stay open to serve the Boys and Girls Clubs of Memphis. The members of the Phoenix Club did not dissappoint. Members showed up around noon and worked (alongside the hardest worker of them all, Camp Director Dave Keigan) until 7pm. The club was able to accomplish quite a bit in those 8 hours as all worked extremely hard to reach their goals. When all was said and done, the following had been accomplished:

1) Rebuilt a shed for sheltering the tractor
2) Put up shutter holders for all cabins
3) Opened shutters for all cabins
4) Painted bathrooms
5) Cut back brush and cleaned roads

Once the work was done, the Advil was taken, and everyone had a good shower to wash away whatever it was that was under those shutters, the club sat down with Dave and enjoyed some sausage/cheese and steaks. After Dave retired, the beer pong and clickity-clack began, we got a truck stuck down by the lake, and one of our members walked off a 10 foot drop onto the beach. So, pretty successful evening.

Jeff Savage, our event leader, did a brilliant job in ensuring everything was procured, organized and ready to go. His efforts were a large reason the event was so successful this year. A huge thanks to everyone who was vital in getting all of this accomplished. Looking forward to the smiles on the kids faces during this year’s camps.


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